The "visionOSXPC" project demonstrates the communication between two apps from different developer teams using NSXPC (NextStep Cross-Process Communication). NSXPC is a framework that allows processes to communicate with each other securely.

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  • Communication Between Different Developer Teams:

The project showcases how two apps, developed by different teams, can communicate with each other using NSXPC.

  • Usage of FileProvider and NSFileProviderService:

Utilizes FileProvider and NSFileProviderService to create a register for NSXPCListenerEndpoint. This allows apps to establish communication over NSXPC APIs.

  • Register for NSXPCListenerEndpoint:

Creates a register using FileProvider and NSFileProviderService, enabling apps to register and communicate with each other.

  • Facilitating Communication without Individual File Providers:

By using a common register, the project aims to facilitate communication between apps without requiring each app to implement its own file providers.

  • Potential for App Submission:

Suggests that if app review is not too opinionated about the role of a file provider, it may be possible for someone to submit a file provider app to host the register. This would allow apps to freely communicate with each other.

The project is built using public APIs available to developers, making it a demonstration of how NSXPC can be employed to establish secure communication between applications developed by different teams. The focus is on facilitating communication without the need for individual file providers in each app.