cool-loaders-swiftui is a SwiftUI project that showcases a collection of loaders, all directly created using SwiftUI without relying on Lottie Files or SVG. Notably, one of the loaders in the collection incorporates Metal Shaders, demonstrating advanced graphics capabilities.


  1. Loaders in SwiftUI:

The project features a set of loaders created exclusively in SwiftUI, demonstrating the capabilities of SwiftUI in building dynamic and visually appealing loading animations.

  1. No External Files:

Unlike some loader implementations that use external files or resources (such as Lottie Files or SVG), this project emphasizes creating loaders directly within SwiftUI.

  1. Metal Shaders:

One of the loaders within the collection incorporates Metal Shaders. Metal is a low-level graphics and compute API for iOS, macOS, and tvOS, allowing for advanced graphics rendering.

  1. SwiftUI Technology:

Utilizes SwiftUI, Apple's declarative framework for building user interfaces, to create the loaders.

This project serves as a resource for developers interested in creating loaders in SwiftUI, showcasing a variety of loaders and highlighting the ability to integrate advanced graphics features like Metal Shaders directly into the SwiftUI framework.