AGDebugKit is a package designed to retrieve debug information from the private AttributeGraph framework that underlies SwiftUI. This package aims to provide developers with insights and debugging capabilities related to the internal workings of SwiftUI through the AttributeGraph framework.





AttributeGraph Framework:

Focuses on interacting with the private AttributeGraph framework, which is the underlying framework supporting SwiftUI.

ADebug Information Retrieval:

The package facilitates the retrieval of debug information, allowing developers to gain insights into the internal processes of SwiftUI during the debugging phase.

ADebugging SwiftUI:

SwiftUI developers can use this package to assist in debugging and understanding the behavior of SwiftUI components by accessing information from the AttributeGraph framework.

It's important to note that interacting with private frameworks may have limitations and considerations, and usage should adhere to Apple's guidelines and best practices. Additionally, the project's effectiveness may depend on the SwiftUI and AttributeGraph framework versions.