A playground for HealthKit workout data

BikeLog is an open source app exploring modern app development through the lens of displaying workout data from HealthKit.

Development Concepts


  • SwiftUI
  • Combine
  • Async/Await
  • Measurement API
  • iOS 15 formatted API

Implementation Callouts

  • Protocol based data provider HealthProvider to allow for mock providers that do not require HealthKit.
  • Composable SwiftUI views, each with a PreviewProvider that uses mock data.
  • AppStorage for preferences.
  • HealthKit data updates sent back to an ObservableObject via a Publisher.
  • HealthKit queries use the new Async HealthKit APIs available in iOS 15.4.
  • Extending the Measurement API to create custom units to represent “pace” based speed.
  • Unit Testing.


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