Tabman is a powerful paging view controller with indicator bar, for iOS.



  • [x] Super easy to implement page view controller with indicator bar.
  • [x] Multiple indicator bar styles.
  • [x] Simplistic, yet highly extensive customisation.
  • [x] Full support for custom components.
  • [x] Built on a powerful and informative page view controller, Pageboy.


For details on using older versions of Tabman or Swift please see Compatibility



Tabman is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'Tabman', '~> 1.0'

And run pod install.


A nice pretty example project is available to take a look at some of the features that Tabman offers. To run the example, simply clone the repo, run

carthage bootstrap --platform ios

and build the workspace.


Getting Started

  1. Create an instance of TabmanViewController and provide it with a PageboyViewControllerDataSource, also configuring the items you want to display in the TabmanBar. Note: TabmanViewController conforms to and is set as the PageboyViewControllerDelegate.
class YourTabViewController: TabmanViewController, PageboyViewControllerDataSource {

	override func viewDidLoad() {

		self.dataSource = self

        	// configure the bar = [Item(title: "Page 1"),
                          	  Item(title: "Page 2")]
  1. Implement PageboyViewControllerDataSource.
func numberOfViewControllers(in pageboyViewController: PageboyViewController) -> Int {
    return viewControllers.count
func viewController(for pageboyViewController: PageboyViewController,
                    at index: PageboyViewController.PageIndex) -> UIViewController? {
    return viewControllers[index]
func defaultPage(for pageboyViewController: PageboyViewController) -> PageboyViewController.Page? {
    return nil
  1. All done! 🎉

Child Content Insetting

Tabman will automatically inset any UITableView or UICollectionView's that are in the child view controllers provided to the PageboyViewControllerDataSource. This behaviour can easily be disabled:

tabmanViewController.automaticallyAdjustsChildScrollViewInsets = false

A requiredInsets property is also available on TabmanBarConfig which provides any insets required to inset content correctly for the visible TabmanBar manually.


The TabmanBar in Tabman can be completely customised to your liking, by simply modifying the available properties in the .bar TabmanBar.Config object.