AR-Face-Draw (For IOS)

AR-Face-Draw is a project that combines RealityKit’s face detection with PencilKit to implement virtual face-painting. This project allows users to use their iPad or iPhone running iOS 15.0+ or iPadOS 15.0+ respectively to paint on their own faces or the faces of others in augmented reality.


  • iOS 15.0+ (for iPhone)
  • iPadOS 15.0+ (for iPad)
  • Xcode 13.0+

Installation and Setup

  • Clone the project repository from GitHub.
  • Open the project in Xcode 13.0+.
  • Ensure you have an iOS 15.0+ device (iPhone or iPad) or the respective simulator selected as the build target.
  • Build and run the project on the selected device or simulator.


This project is associated with WWDC21 session 10074: Dive into RealityKit 2. I would like to thank Apple for providing valuable resources and insights during this session, which greatly contributed to the development of AR-Face-Draw.


Demo Video


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