FrameGen is a powerful application designed to streamline the process of creating xcarchive files from your xcodeproj projects. With an intuitive user interface and a wide range of functional capabilities, FrameGen allows you to easily and quickly generate ready-to-distribute archives for your iOS and Mac applications.

Key features of FrameGen:

Automatic Xcarchive Generation: FrameGen enables you to efficiently create xcarchive files from your xcodeproj projects. Simply select your project, initiate the generation process, and FrameGen will handle all the necessary steps to create a ready-to-use xcarchive.

Custom Export Path: FrameGen provides the option to choose the export path where the generated xcarchive file will be saved. This allows you to organize and structure your working directory for easy access and utilization of the created archives.

Platform Support: FrameGen offers flexibility in selecting the supported platforms for xcarchive generation. You can specify whether you need to create archives for iOS devices, iOS Simulator, or Mac Catalyst. This allows you to adapt the generation process to fit the requirements of your project and ensure proper platform support.

User-Friendly Interface: FrameGen is designed for ease of use. With an intuitive interface, you can quickly navigate and configure the parameters for xcarchive generation. Through automated processes and clear instructions, you can efficiently create archives and focus on your application development.

With FrameGen in your toolkit, you can greatly simplify the process of generating xcarchive files from your xcodeproj projects. Effortlessly create ready-to-distribute archives for different platforms, optimizing your workflow and enhancing your iOS and Mac app development.

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