This is a quiz app that asks the user to answer several questions about the Witcher universe. Each question contains different answer options, and the user must choose one of them. After answering all the questions, the user will be shown the result of the quiz with a description of his victory, defeat or injuries.

Tech Stack

  • Swift
  • UIKit
  • Architectural Pattern: MVC


  • Ability to answer multiple-choice questions.
  • Test result output with a description of the win, loss or injury.
  • Animation when transitioning between questions and displaying the progress of the quiz.

Questions Solved

  • Develop a model layer with questions, answers and their statuses.
  • Work with different types of responses (single choice, multiple choice, range of values).
  • Organize the application logic to move between questions and calculate the result.
  • Use extensions to easily customize the background of images on different screens.
  • Create multiple controllers including questions, results, and the main quiz screen.
  • Handling controller deallocation and preventing memory leaks.

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