TOFileAttributes is an abstract class that can be extended to enable reading and writing custom data to a local file's extended attributes. This allows quick and easy storage of transient information about a file (for example, the cursor position in a text file) in a non-destructive way that's invisible to the user.

The class is built upon the TOPropertyAccessor library which provides a Realm-like interface for defining custom model objects whose properties are mapped to an on-disk data store. This model makes it extremely easy and fast to set up new data schema, with all of the persistence logic handled under the hood.


  • Properties defined in subclasses are directly mapped to attributes in a given file.
  • Instances are cached by default for easier re-use.
  • Properties are also cached internally in order to minimize the number of file reads and writes.
  • Certain properties can be marked as "ignored" and will function as normal.


@interface FileAttributes : TOFileAttributes

@property (nonatomic, assign) NSInteger cursorPosition;


// Fetch an instance of the class wrapped around a specific file.
FileAttributes *attributes = [FileAttributes attributesWithFileURL:URL];

// Save the current cursor position to disk
attributes.cursorPosition = 42;


  • iOS 11.0 or higher
  • Xcode 12.0 or higher

Installation Instructions

Manual Installation
  1. Download the repositories for TOFileAttributes and TOPropertyAccessor.
  2. Install the source files from the TOFileAttributes and TOPropertyAccessor folders.

Add pod 'TOFileAttributes' to your Podfile.

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