Bubbles Chat App

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a realtime messenger application Allows the users to communicate through virtual chats

  • Login and Registration with Email Using Firebase Authintcation
  • real time firebase database
  • Uploading photos (store in firebase Storage)
  • Searching for users to message with
  • Sending messages in real-time (real time firebase database )

Open the application for the first time, Welcome !!




  • make sure all fields are filled
  • make sure the password and confirm password are the same
  • (show firebase authentication error message )

Home Page

  • contains all the conversations that have been sent and received
  • at the bottom – tab bar – to navigate smoothly in the application

profile Page

  • contains the user’s information and
  • allow user to change the profile picture using camera or uploaded from iphone then saved in the Database


search for users to chat with !

start Conversation in real Time !


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