A research (sample applications) that uses SwiftUI + CryptoKit + Swift Server Side Vapor.

UPDATE 4/24: I think I will have to postpone the Swift Vapor implementation as I deemed it unnecessary. In this demo project, we are using SwiftyRSA and SwiftKeychainWrapper libraries. It demos the following:

  1. Generation of RSA key pairs (private and public)
  2. Storing the private key to the Keychain with synching to the iCloud automatically.
  3. Encryption of a plain text/string.
  4. Decryption of the base64 string from the server (assuming).
  5. Signing (making a signature) the decrypted object.
  6. Using signature to verify the decrypted object from the server.
  7. Then finally, printing the plain text after verifying the signature.


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