Clash ClashX

A rule based proxy For Mac base on Clash Meta.


  • Clash.Meta Core
  • Tun mode support


You can download from Release page


  • Make sure have python3 and golang installed in your computer.

  • Install Golang

    brew install golang
    or download from
  • Download deps

  • Build and run.


The default configuration directory is $HOME/.config/clash

The default name of the configuration file is config.yaml. You can use your custom config name and switch config in menu Config section.

Checkout Clash Meta or Clash or SS-Rule-Snippet for Clash or lancellc’s gitbook for more detail.

Advance Config

Change the ports of ClashX

Please modify the config.yaml file generated by ClashX, not the other config file you created or downloaded. The General section settings in your custom config file would be ignored. Then relaunch ClashX to apply changes.

Change your status menu icon

Place your icon file in the ~/.config/clash/menuImage.png then restart ClashX

Change default system ignore list.

  • Download sample plist in the Here and place in the

  • Edit the proxyIgnoreList.plist to set up your own proxy ignore list

URL Schemes (May not work).

  • Using url scheme to import remote config.

  • Using url scheme to reload current config.


Get process name

You can add the follow config in your config file, and set your proxy mode to rule. Then open the log via help menu in ClashX.

  code: |
    def main(ctx, metadata):
      # Log ProcessName
      ctx.log('Process Name: ' + ctx.resolve_process_name(metadata))
      return 'DIRECT'


  • Q: How to get shell command with external IP? A: Click the clashX menu icon and then press Option-Command-C


  1. 在系统设置中关闭 clashx meta 的推送权限
  2. 执行
defaults write com.metacubex.ClashX.meta disableNoti -bool true




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