Very simple coffee app for iOS entirely generated using ChatGPT


I decided to use ChatGPT to produce an entire app and associated website. They draw data from a remotely stored json file, the contents of which was also produced by ChatGPT.

I settled on ‘coffee recipes’ as it is fairly easy to illustrate. All code, revisions, text and changes were made using ChatGPT prompts.

The initial prompt was “Create an iOS app in SwiftUI that displays a list of coffee recipes and when you click the recipe it takes you to a detail view. Also create a json file with a dozen coffee recipes, breaking out the instructions and ingredients”.

I need to add an image to each coffee, which I plan to draw from DALL-E 2 but have yet to work out the right prompts to make it work. I’ll have ChatGPT create the code to pull in the image as the aim is to write none of the code myself.



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