VirusUIKit is a simple iOS application that simulates the spread of a virus within a group of people. The app allows users to set a group size, infection factor, and time period for the simulation. It visually represents each person’s health status using emojis and colors.


  • Set group size for the simulation
  • Define the infection factor to control the virus spread
  • Set the time period for the simulation
  • Visually track the spread of the virus within the group using emojis.


  1. Launch the app.
  2. Enter the group size, infection factor, and time period in the SettingsViewController.
  3. Tap “Start Simulation” to begin the virus spread simulation.
  4. Observe the simulation progress in the SimulationViewController, where each person’s health status is displayed as an emoji.
  5. To run a new simulation, tap the back button and adjust the settings as desired.



  • UIKit
  • Auto Layout


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