tunix Time To Move!

Time To Move! aims to be a simple MacOS Menu bar app to remind you to move, at regular customisable intervals. It aims to be simple and no complex customisations are intended to be a part of the project.


Key Features

  • With the Timeline bar, you can determine the moving times.
    • 30m – 45m – 1h – 1.5h – 2h
  • Play Sound
    • Notification Sound
  • Launch on Startup

How To Use

  • Simply clone the project using git clone or similar functionality
  • Open the project in Xcode and start hacking


Time To Move! is an MacOs MenuBar tool. Meaning, if you liked using this app or it has helped you in any way, I’d like you send me an email at [email protected] about anything you’d want to say about this software. I’d really appreciate it!


Apache 2.0


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