A simple MVP iOS app for browsing XKCD comics


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A client has just discovered xkcd comics and has asked for a comic viewer app with the following requirements

  • Browse comics
  • View details of each comic
  • Search by for comic
  • Get an explanation of each comic
  • Favorite a comic to work offline
  • Send a comic
  • Get notifications when a new comic is posted
  • Multiple form factors

Given the amount of work, the first round will be to create an MVP. I have chosen to create a simple iOS app using SwiftUI. I began the process by outlining the features I would include in this version and set up the outline of each view. I landed on the following outline and features:

Browse View

  • search bar
  • comic preview (image & title)
  • button to detail view
  • navigation to view comics

Detail View

  • title and image
  • alt text description
  • link to explanation (new view or popup)
  • button to favorite (core data)
  • button share

Favorites View

  • thumbnail of favorite comics
  • swipe to delete from list


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