Swiftly ?️

An iPad based app which aims to teach students about Swift and iOS development.

Swiftly is an easy-to-use iPadOS based application that was developed from September 2021 to December 2022 as part of my fourth year capstone project.


⌛ Incorporates real-time data integration with backend Firebase/Firestore ? Incorporated test cases to provide future scaling ? Works hand-in-hand with the Swiftly website allowing for asynchronous use (not shown)

Frameworks & Technologies

Software: Xcode, Figma, Jira Languages: Swift, ReactJS (Swiftly website) Frameworks: SwiftUI, UIKit, Network, Google’s Firebase & Firestore, IBM Watson Features: Account sign up and login, integrated chatbot, real-time leaderboard, user account progress statistics, interactable UI, dark and light themes

How it looks

image image


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