Code App

Bringing desktop-like editing experience to iPad, available on App Store and TestFlight.

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About the repository

This repository contains the source code of the app. We also work on issues, listen to your feedback and publish our development plan here.


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The Plan

Use VS Code as a design template while providing key functionalities with monaco-editor and native code:

  • Version Control (Git clone, commits, diff editor, push, pull and gutter indicator) ✅
  • Embeded terminal (70+ commands avaliable) ✅
  • Local web development environment (Node + PHP) ✅
  • Built in Python runtime ✅
  • C/C++ Runtime with WebAssembly (with clang support) ✅
  • SSH Support ✅
  • LSP support ?

Building the project

  1. ./
  2. Open Code.xcworkspace
  3. Select project from file navigator
  4. Signing & Capabilities -> select your own team
  5. Change Bundle Identifier if needed
  6. Build and install on a real device (simulator is not supported)

The source code of the built-in languages are hosted on these repositories.

Language Repository
Python 3.9.2 cpython
Clang 14.0.0 llvm-project
PHP 8.0.8 php-src
Node.js 16.14.2 nodejs-mobile


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