This is a simple project that shows a list of local coffee shop reviews


  • Please use git and commit often with meaningful commit messages, just as you would when working on a team.
  • You should fix any memory leaks, retention cycles, crashes, or bad practices you might find.
  • Verify that the code is working properly.
  • If you make an assumption during this exercise, run with it, but please write it down in a comment so we know the assumption when reviewing the code.

Exercise 1

  • Replace UIStackView with UITableView (reuse CoffeeShopItemView and use auto-resizeable cells)
  • Upon tapping a cell, show a view displaying the review

Exercise 2

Load reviews from provided CoffeeShops.json file instead of the hard-coded array in UIViewController. Base your implementation on the assumption that the JSON will be retrieved from a remote server in the future.

Extra Credit

  • Feel free to improve the project in any way you see fit (UX/UI, code structure, etc) and explain your enhancements in comments.

When you are done

Zip the project using the provided script in project root and email the zip file back to the recruiter.


Optional – Anonymous Survey (1-2min)


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