A simple TODO app using SwiftData and SwiftUI

This uses the latest framework SwiftData available in iOS 17. It also makes use of other new SwiftUI APIs such as ContentUnavailableView for empty states.

The Task object is created as:

final class Task {
  var id: UUID
  var name: String
  var createdAt: Date
  var completed: Bool
  var color: String
  init(name: String, createdAt: Date = Date(), completed: Bool = false, color: TaskColor) {
    self.id = UUID()
    self.name = name
    self.createdAt = createdAt
    self.completed = completed
    self.color = color.rawValue

Then simply fetched in the list view as:

@Query(sort: \.createdAt, animation: .smooth)
private var tasks: [Task]

A new Task can be created and persisted like:

let newTask = Task(
  name: taskName,
  color: taskColor
do {
  try context.save()
} catch {


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