Haptics is a super-light modifier that adds haptic feedbacks to any SwiftUI View, for example, when the specific property changes or equals to a specific value, the feedback will be triggered automatically.

import SwiftUI
import Haptics

    .haptics(onChangeOf: value, type: .soft)

or using the function manually

playHapticFeedback(type: .soft)

Feedback Types

  • NotificationFeedback
  • ImpactFeedback
  • SelectionFeedback
  • WKHaptic


  • iOS 14.0+
  • watchOS 7.0+

Conditional Haptics

Sometimes, you just want to play haptic feedbacks only at a specific state. At this time, .haptics(when:equalsTo:type:) plays a role.

Of course, you can create multiple haptics on a single view:

    .haptics(when: value, equalsTo: .success, type: .success)
    .haptics(when: value, equalsTo: .failure, type: .error)

onAppear Haptics

You can play a one-time haptic feedback when a view appears.

Text("I love haptics.")

Swift Package Manager

In your Package.swift Swift Package Manager manifest, add the following dependency to your dependencies argument:

.package(url: "https://github.com/LiYanan2004/SwiftUI-Haptics.git", .branch("main")),

Add the dependency to any targets you’ve declared in your manifest:

.target(name: "MyTarget", dependencies: ["Haptics"]),


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