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SwiftyEmail is a mini library for iOS, iPadOS and Mac Catalyst using MessageUI. With SwiftyEmail, you’ll be able to send e-mails from your app calling your user’s favorite e-mail app (including third party ones!).

✨ Features

  • Send E-mails: Easily send e-mails from your app by calling the correct e-mail app.
  • Third-Party Apps: Send e-mails with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Spark or Outlook. We’ve got you covered with Mail, also!
  • Simple: Just call a single method and you’re done.
  • Built Swifty and with lightweight in mind.
  • 100% Swift.
  • Documented.

? Get Started

Using SwiftyEmail in Production Code

Just import SwiftyEmail:

import SwiftyEmail

Add the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes key to your Info.plist. It’s an array with four strings.


It should look like this:

Okay! ? Now, you can use it as you please. Use it like this:

SwiftyEmail.shared.sendEmail(subject: "Your order has been processed!",
                             body: "This is just an example for an e-mail body.",
                             recipient: "[email protected]") { result in
    switch result {
    case .success(let emailWasSent):
        print("The viewController was presented and the email \(emailWasSent)")
    case .failure(let error):

Then, the user’s e-mail app is going to be called if the result is a success, with all the data provided.

Always remember that the e-mail has a subject, a body and a recipient, as well as the result for presenting the e-mail app.

? Swift Package Manager

You can also add this library using Swift Package Manager.

  1. Go to File > Add Packages.
  2. The Add Package dialog will appear, by default with Apple packages.
  3. In the upper right hand corner, paste https://github.com/MarcosAtMorais/SwiftyEmail into the search bar.
  4. Hit Return to kick off the search.
  5. Click Add Package.
  6. You’re all set! Just import SwiftyEmail whenever and wherever you want to use it.

? Requirements

iOS 13+

iPadOS 13+

Mac Catalyst 13+


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