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Yummies is my first attempt at building a native iOS app using Swift and SwiftUI. A recipe browser where you can pin your favorite ones. Powered by Edamam Recipe Search API.

Key Features

  • Sign in / Sign up via Google, Apple or email
  • Featured section and recipe search
  • Categories sheet
  • Recipe details (nutrients, ingredients and more)
  • Pinning a recipe
  • Profile screen

Sign in / Sign up Featured + Search Categories Details Pinning Profile



  • MacOS
  • Xcode 14 beta+
  • iOS 16.0+ device or simulator

If you would like to try this app out for yourself, follow these steps:


  • Clone the repo to your local machine
  • Open Yummies.xcodeproj with Xcode
  • Wait for packages and indexing to load
  • In the top bar select your desired iOS device (connected via cable) or simulator
  • Click the Run button or press ⌘(Cmd) + R

Acceptance Criteria

These are very vague but wanted to have a structure I can follow:

  • Authentication

    • Sign up
    • Sign in
    • Sign out
  • Home Screen

    • Pinned section
    • Featured section
    • Categories section
  • Details Screen

    • Image
    • Title
    • Description
    • Ingredients
    • Nutrients
    • Option to pin
  • Profile Screen

    • User image
    • User name
    • Profile info
      • Full name
      • Email
      • Date joined
      • Pinned recipes count
    • Sign out button


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