An assortment of iOS apps written in Swift.

Any GIF file can be dropped into the project to easily create an animated image.

The player allows the following specifications: the content mode, number of loops, background
color(if GIF has transparency), speed of animation and the image to use as the still image for the GIF.

All the example GIF files of this app were created with Apple's Keynote including all artwork
and animations. Keynote's shimmer, jiggles and other special effects were used. Keynote's Magic Moves and
transitions were used to create endless scrolling landscapes, scrolling song lyrics and animal animations.
Technical Info:
Xcode12 project written in Swift 5 for iOS
GIF files, animation, tap gestures, collection views, tab bar controller
collection view flow layout, imageview.animationImages, storyboard references
data assets, CGImageSourceGetCount, CGImageSourceCreateImageAtIndex
UIImage.animatedImage, color assets
Apple Keynote: Magic Move, rotate, shimmer, bounce, jiggle

Marcy Vernon @MarcyVernon