What the heck is this?

It’s a Swift RISCV Emulator!

Alt text Demo

Does it work?


No really, does it work?


How much of RISC-V does it emulate?

RV32I: 32-bit Integer Instructions. So not very much. And maybe not all of RV32I – I forgot (this code is kinda old)

Is it “correct”?

Buggered if I know. I haven’t tried comparing it to a real emulator. Let’s go with no.

Is it “fast”?

It’s not what you would call fast. The SwiftUI gui slows it down quite a bit and running headless speeds it up considerably. But it’s not fast regardless. I wrote the code to be instructional.

What’s it doing?

The sample project prints() “hello world” to the ECALL system call instruction. ( And by print, I mean not actually printing because ECALL isn’t hooked up).

    LUI x1 \(globalsAddress)     ; load address of "hello world" into x1 upper
    ADDI x1 x1 \(globalsAddress) ; load address of "hello world" into x1 lower
                                 ; start of loop
    LBU x2 x1 0                  ; load byte at address x1
    BEQ x2 x0 8                  ; exit loop if x2 is nil byte
    ECALL                        ; system call
    ADDI x1 x1 1                 ; increment x1
    JAL x0 -8                    ; jump to start of loop
    JAL x0 -14                   ; jump to start
    ;JALR x0 x0 0                ; Force an illegal instruction to bail


Because I found RISCV interesting, and I wanted to play with it.

Why are you releasing this?

Because it’s kinda fun and it is rather old code I couldn’t release it before because of employer restrictions. And someone might find it vaguely interesting/entertaining.

Is there an assembler?

There is but it’s not great. But it assemblies the hello world program. What more do you want?

Are you going to do more with it?

Probably not. Hey, look! A squirrel!

What license is this?

BSD 3-Clause License as god intended.

Where can I find out more about RISCV?



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