A SwiftUI-based application that showcases user profiles with a tab-based navigation. This project prominently features an animated sticky header with resizable effects, mimicking popular social media app designs.

Video Demo:

Tools & Technologies Used:

  • SwiftUI: The core framework used to build the app’s user interface.

  • ScrollView & ScrollViewReader: Used for creating scrollable content and programmatically controlling scroll position. This combination is essential to achieve the animated sticky header effect.

  • GeometryReader: Utilized to create the dynamic resizing effect of the header based on the scroll position.

  • TabView: Provides a tab-based navigation for the app allowing seamless switching between different views.

  • Custom Modifiers: Introduced custom SwiftUI modifiers, like ScrollDetector, to handle specific layout and behavior.

  • Xcode: The primary IDE for developing, testing, and debugging the application.


  • Animated Sticky Header: As users scroll through content, the header resizes to a smaller version, sticking to the top. Scrolling back returns it to its original size.

  • Tab-based Content Navigation: Users can seamlessly navigate between posts, collections, and likes via intuitive tabs.

  • Dynamic User Interface: The interface adjusts gracefully across different device sizes and orientations, making for a pleasant user experience.

Skills Demonstrated:

  1. Advanced SwiftUI Techniques: Demonstrated a deep understanding of SwiftUI views, modifiers, and layout systems, especially in creating complex animations and interactions like the resizable header.

  2. Dynamic Layouts: Skillfully adapted views according to different device sizes and safe areas.

  3. Custom Interactions & Animations: Implemented custom interactions, like special scroll behaviors and the animated header, to enhance the user experience.

  4. Performance Optimization: Ensured the app runs smoothly by optimizing list rendering and scroll performance.

  5. Code Organization: Maintained a modular and clean codebase, separating different views and functionalities into respective structs and ensuring reusability.

  6. UI/UX Design: Crafted a visually appealing interface ensuring intuitive user navigation and interaction.


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