iOS & VisionOS AR Realtime Inventory Tracker App

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AR Realtime Inventory Tracker visionOS & iOS App built with seamless Augmented Reality Integration


  • Sync inventory items across devices using Firestore
  • Upload UsDZ file to cloud using firebase storage
  • Generate thumbnail image of USDZ using QLThumbailPreview
  • Preview usdz ar using QuickLook
  • Display 3D model directly on SwiftUI visionOS
  • 3D Model Entity in RealityView Volumetric Window
  • Drag Gesture for 3d rotation, Magnify Gesture for ScaleEffect
  • Custom DragItemProvider to preview Usdz in Shared Space QuickLook


  • Xcode 15 (At least Beta 5)
  • Replace the bundleID for the App with your own.
  • Firebase iOS & visionOS Project, download GoogleService-info.plist to your Xcode project target.
  • As per Firebase SDK 10.13.0 (08/01/2023), you need to pass open --env FIREBASE_SOURCE_FIRESTORE /path/to/project.xcodeproj to be able to build on visionOS target

YouTube Tutorial

You can check the full video tutorial on building this from scratch.



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