HuggingGeometryReader is a SwiftUI package that has a different sizing behavior then the official GeometryReader.

The problem

We use GeometryReader to find out view’s size. However, GeometryReader attempts to match the parent size, as indicated in the comments for GeometryReader:

This view returns a flexible preferred size to its parent layout.

This is sometimes not what we want, for example:

If we want to get the height of a Text as below

And with the origional GeometryReader, we might have something like this:

GeometryReader { proxy in
    Text("Hello, height is \(proxy.size.height)")

But the result would be something like this:

The size we get is actually the red part, that’s not what we want. Also, the GeometryReader occupies the whole screen and breaks the layout.

A simple example

This package solves the above problems with simple usage:

HuggingGeometryReader { size in
    Text("Hello, height is \(size.height)")

This code will have the result of the first image above.


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