Only get BlizzBoard ipa from here

Don’t redistribute my code without permission

I’m using TSUtil.m from TrollStore to respring

Before proceeding read this

⚠️ Choosing the unstable version may cause a bootloop

The stable version may have some bugs but you shouldn’t be able to bootloop with it


There are 2 ipa options (The stable version is highly recommended)



Once you downloaded the ipa install it with TrollStore

Why choose stable?

The stable version is super stable and bootloop should be impossible

Why choose unstable?

Unstable has the ability to change the position of the theme icons to match the original app icon place on the Home Screen the stable version cannot

What themes work?

Most snowboard themes should work

Adding Themes

To add themes just share the .theme to the BlizzBoard app

Setting Themes

Just tap enable on the theme you want to set at the bottom of my app you have some options like hiding the labels once you tap enable it might take a while depending on how many icons are in the theme just don’t exit the app during this process once that’s done you’ll get a respring alert just tap respring now then you should have themed icons on your homescreen you’ll have to rearrange them to match your needs


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