A To-do list app from a beginner ios developer developing from scratch.

App Demonstration

App Features

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Different function pages

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Features and Concepts used in this project

  1. Model View Controller (MVC) are used in the development
  2. Use segue to direct between different views
  3. Realm database is used to save to-do items' data persistently
  4. Auto layout to set constraints for views and make it responsive to all devices
  5. Use UITableView to display the list of to-do items
  6. Create and manipulate toolbar using UIToolbar
  7. Create and manipulate segmented control using UISegmentedControl
  8. Setting up and retrieve data from UIDatePicker
  9. Using UITextView for long text input, mimic the appearance of UITextField
  10. Exit the input field when user tap outside the input field by overriding touchesBegan function
  11. UserNotifications framework to set and remove push notifications for each to-do item
  12. Enable multiple selection using pan gesture in iOS
  13. Passing data between different views
  14. Rounding Date type to the nearest unit (e.g: minute)
  15. Detect when app move to background and reappear to foreground

Framework used in this project

  • UIKit
  • RealmSwift
  • UserNotifications