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A trivia style app that tests your Swift knowledge on the go. It was built with both SwiftUI & UIKit and does not contain any 3rd party dependencies.


My initial aim was to create an app that I can use for some light Swift practice while commuting. As I added more and more content and features I decided to turn it into a full fledged app so that other developers may use it or it’s source code. This quiz app currently has two game styles, a multiple choice quiz and a true or false game. Once it’s shipped I plan to release a monthly update so to make it’s content up to date & new.


The Swifter Quiz unlike other similar apps uses CoreData to keep track of the users progress, daily and weekly test results, performance, etc. And the user can also bookmark questions and check the source I used (mostly swift.org or apple dev documentation) so they can diver deeper into topics of interest. Moreover the user has the option to disable questions, which practically bans the given question from reapperaing ever again.

I added a timer to these quizes so to make the quiz resemble more to a technical interview. The question bank contains very easy questions and harder, more specific questions too so to make the games challanging for a wider group of developers.

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What I learned?

This project helped me a great deal. I challanged myself by making me use both SwiftUI & UIKit about 50/50 while building the app. After a couple of weeks I felt much more confortable interchangably working with these frameworks and imbeding SwiftUI Views into UIKit and vice-versa. It was also fun to build the same UI with each framework instead of copy-pasting similar Views. On the other hand due to the topic of the app it made me learn something new about Swift everyday and I try to keep this habbit now even after finishing the initial app.

Hope you will find value in this app or in it’s source code. ?


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