ContributorUI is a library for user interface available for iOS and macOS applications, aimed at displaying all developers who are contributing to the project.

⚙️ Setup

To access GitHub API, you need to feed personal access token into ContributorUI. Firstly, create a token under Developer Settings and add it somewhere safe in the project. Then call configure(with:) with your token key.

ContributorUI.configure(with: <token>)

For those who want to access private repository, make sure you enable repo scope when creating your token.

Without the token key, GitHub API allows to access public repository with a lower rate limit. If you need a higher rate limit, it is mandatory to add the token key. If not, you will end up getting unauthorized error.

? Features


ContributorCard highlights the top contributors of the project in a card style. It can be placed in a specific screen to show the top committers.


ContributorCard(owner: <owner>,repo: <repo>)


ContributorList showcases all contributors of the project in table or grid style with infinite scroll behaviour. It can be shown via sheet or full screen cover in your application.


ContributorList(owner: <owner>,repo: <repo>)

UIKit and AppKit Support

ContributorUI comes with the handy view controllers and views for UIKit and AppKit to utilize them in ease even though it is natively developed in SwiftUI. The following table provides the corresponding view controllers and views in UIKit and AppKit.

SwiftUI UIKit AppKit
ContributorCard UIContributorCard NSContributorCard
ContributorList UIContributorListController NSContributorListController

⚠️ Requirements

  • iOS 16+, macOS 13+

ContributorUI is developed using Xcode 14.2. Make sure you are using Xcode 14.2 and above.

? Installation

? Using Swift Package Manager

Add it as a dependency within your Package.swift.

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", from: "1.0.0")

? Exploration

Demo Project

ContributorUI also comes with the demo project which is an optimal spot to explore the usages. To run the demo project, you can use the following commands in your terminal.

> git clone
> cd ContributorUI && xed Demo/Demo

Afterwards, Xcode will open the project and then you can hit ⌘+R to run the project.

For those using UIKit or AppKit, you can check out Demo/Demo-UIKit and Demo/Demo-AppKit.

? Inspiration

ContributorUI is inspried by and is developed to praise the contributors of the project in iOS and macOS applications with a minimal setup.

✍️ Author

Scotti | @dscyrescotti


?‍? Contributions

ContributorUI welcomes all developers to contribute if you have any idea to enhance and open an issue if you encounter any bug.

© License

ContributorUI is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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