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A UINavigationItem.titleView compatible UIControl with a title and dropdown

A UINavigationItem.titleView compatible UIControl with a title and dropdown

A simple and configurable "dropdown" view built for UINavigationItem.titleView.


Just add DropdownTitleView to your Podfile and pod install. Done!

pod 'DropdownTitleView'


Create an instance of DropdownTitleView, configure it, and set it as a UINavigationItem's titleView:

func viewDidLoad() {
  let titleView = DropdownTitleView()
  titleView.configure(title: "Hello world!", subtitle: "Is this thing on?")
  navigationItem.titleView = titleView


Add touch handling like you would any other UIControl:

func viewDidLoad() {
  // setup and set titleView
    action: #selector(onTitle), 
    for: .touchUpInside

@objc func onTitle() {
  print("do something")


DropdownTitleView has several appearance options:

  • titleFont and titleColor - UIFont and UIColor of the top title label
  • subtitleFont and subtitleColor - UIFont and UIColor of the bottom subtitle label
  • chevronTintColor - UIColor tint of the chevron image

All of these values are configurable via UIAppearance as well!

DropdownTitleView.appearance().chevronTintColor = .blue
DropdownTitleView.appearance().titleColor = .black
DropdownTitleView.appearance().subtitleColor = .lightGray
DropdownTitleView.appearance().titleFont = .systemFontOfSize(18)
DropdownTitleView.appearance().subtitleFont = .systemFontOfSize(13)

You can also control the features of the view with params in configure(...) function:

  • subtitle - Leave nil to remove the subtitle and vertically center the title
  • chevronEnabled - Set to false to remove the chevron
  • accessibilityLabel and accessibilityHint - Set Accessibility features on the control