Voxel Engine

A voxel landscape – similar to the look of Novalogic’s Commanche.

Voxel Terrain

This is a port of two engines:

It uses GCVirtualController for movement.

All drawing is currently simple bitmap drawing so I’m sure could well be sped up and optimised greatly!

Terrain Heightmap and Color images

I’m not hosting the terrain height map and colour images here but there is a script in the tools folder that will download them from s-macke’s GitHub page.

The script has been tested on MacOS – it may run on other OS’s but it uses sips to convert the images so probably not. However, I’m assuming that as this is for iOS, then you are probably runing on a Mac!

To run, open a terminal window, change to the tools folder and run: ./getImages.sh

This will download the images into an images subfolder, convert them to the correct size (if needed), and copy them over to the Assets.xcassets folder.


The software part of the repository is under the MIT licence. Please read the license file for more information.


Thanks to gustavopezzi and s-macke for their tutorials

Thanks also to Nick Lockwood (@nicklockwood) for his RetroRampage series. Some of the rendering is based on ideas from that. (https://github.com/nicklockwood/RetroRampage)


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