This pod will try to mimic the white navigation bars that Apple is adopting in their own apps.

You could do the same thing by setting the UINavigationBar to white. That would however produce a less good looking blur when scrolling down. (TestFlight is a good example of this.) This pod will try to mimic the same thing but with a proper blur, like the stock UINavigationBar has.



To run the example project, run pod try WhiteNavigationController in your Terminal. Try to run this on a device with iOS 12 or older since the pod won't do anything on iOS 13 or later.


WhiteNavigationController is available through CocoaPods. To install
it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'WhiteNavigationController'


  • In your Storyboard, drag in a UINavigationController (if you don't have one already on which you want to apply this) and then go into the Identity Inspector while you have your UINavigationController selected.
  • Now, under Custom Class > Class, fill in WhiteNavigationController and check Inherit Module From Target.
  • Done! The navigation bars should now be white, while still blurring content behind it when scrolling down.

Contributing & Issues

The source of this pod is hosted on my personal GitLab server. This repository is mirrored to GitHub. If you want to contribute, you will have to do that on my personal GitLab server.

If you find issues with this pod, you can report those over at my personal GitLab server.


Zandor300, [email protected]