Advanced Swift Networking Layer

Hi there, This is Advanced Networking Layer Using Alamofire with Unit Testing ?

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Networking Layer Features:

  • Generic API Calls with only model and router
  • Passing data with new iOS 15 async await
  • Create a custom Session and URLSessionConfiguration.
  • Log network requests and responses using EventsMonitor.
  • Handle authentication and retries using RequestsInterceptor.
  • Configure a router with URLRequestConvertible.
  • Check for network reachability using NetworkReachabilityManager.
  • Modify responses before caching using ResponseCacher.
  • Rename JSON objects to write clean and readable code.
  • Unit Test implementation and mocking with OHTTPstubs
  • Base for Any MVVM App like paging requests implementation and common views

Important Notes:

  • open your terminal type ‘cd’ and drag the project folder and type this line:

pod install

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