Network Demo

An app to demostrate how network calls can be implemented in a SwiftUI/MVVM app.



Apple’s introductory tutorial is a great starting point to learn about SwiftUI ( However, it doesn’t cover many things that an app in a production app would need:

  • Network calls
    • Being able to communicate with many endpoints without code duplication
    • Concurrency
      • Network calls that depends on the other calls’ results
    • Error handling
  • Logging
  • Navigation
  • Test

When I tried to extend my app after finishing the tutorial, I still had to make many decisions about how to organise the codebase. I thought it could be useful for myself and other people who are new to SwiftUI, if I implement the app with network calls with a more realistic app architecture with basic tests and logging.


The main purpose of the app is to demostrate how an app can be structured. It is not an app with a full functionality.


  • Login (You can login with a TMDB account. You can create an accout at:
  • Logout
  • Display a list of popular films
  • Display a details of a movie
    • browse casts
    • browse crew

Demo video:

Click to play:


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