Airbnb Recreation App

The Airbnb Recreation App is a project aimed at recreating the popular Airbnb experience. It provides users with the ability to explore, book, and manage accommodations for their travels. Whether you are a traveler looking for a cozy place to stay or a host wanting to showcase your property, this app is designed to replicate the functionalities of the real Airbnb platform.

Accommodation Exploration:

Users can browse through a variety of accommodations available for booking.

Booking Functionality:

Allows users to book accommodations based on their preferences.
Host Property Showcase:

Provides a platform for hosts to showcase their properties to potential guests.

User Account Management:

Users can create accounts, log in, and manage their profiles.
Traveler and Host Interaction:

Facilitates interaction between travelers and hosts for inquiries, bookings, and communication.

Realistic Recreation:

Aims to recreate the look, feel, and functionality of the actual Airbnb platform.


The Airbnb Recreation App project is designed to offer a simulated Airbnb experience, allowing users to interact with the app as both travelers and hosts. It aims to capture the essence of Airbnb's user interface and functionalities for educational and practice purposes.