A simple label that animates a number with each digit falling into place.

Various example labels


Swift Package Manager

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", from: "1.0.0")


In Code

let animatedLabel = RollingDigitsLabel(frame: .zero)

In Interface Builder

Drag a new UIView on to the canvas and set its class and module in the Identity inspector.
Interface Builder configuration


Set the label style

Color and font can be adjusted using these functions

animatedLabel.set(color: .systemTeal)
animatedLabel.set(font: .systemFont(ofSize: 30, weight: .semibold))

Set the NumberFormatter style

Common formatting adjustments can be made to the label directly…

animatedLabel.numberStyle = .currency
animatedLabel.minimumIntegerDigits = 5
animatedLabel.maximumIntegerDigits = 10
animatedLabel.minimumFractionDigits = 3
animatedLabel.maximumFractionDigits = 6

… or an existing NumberFormatter can be applied to the label.

let myFormatter = NumberFormatter()


Set the number value of the label

animatedLabel.setNumber(newValue, animated: true, completion: { print("animation complete") })

newValue can be a Double, Int, Float, or NSNumber.

Adjusting the animation timing

You can change the duration, delay, spring damping, and initial velocity of the animation.

animatedLabel.setAnimation(duration: 0.75, delay: 0, springDamping: 0.85, initialVelocity: 0.5)

These values will be used every time a new number is set.


import RollingDigitsLabel

class ViewController: UIViewController {
    @IBOutlet private var rollingDigitsLabel: RollingDigitsLabel? {
        didSet {
            rollingDigitsLabel?.numberStyle = .decimal
            rollingDigitsLabel?.set(font: .boldSystemFont(ofSize: 30))
            rollingDigitsLabel?.set(color: .systemMint)
    @IBAction func pressedNewNumber(_ sender: UIButton) {
        sender.isEnabled = false
        let newNumber = Int(arc4random() % 999999999)
        rollingDigitsLabel?.setNumber(newNumber, animated: true, completion: {
            sender.isEnabled = true

Example code running


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