This is a demo app that showcases a simple dynamic affiliate store app for iPhone built in about 70 lines of code with a backend driven by a single Markdown file.

The MarkCoding persistence format revolves around it being plain text easily editable by humans. This repo showcases a simple setup for an affiliate iPhone app store:

  • GitHub hosts a Markdown file with products, editable online.
  • An iOS app that fetches the file and displays the products.
  • Amazon fulfills any purchases and tracks affiliate fees.

GitHub takes care of hosting, file versioning, access permissions, and more:

The Swift code fetches the Markdown from GitHub and decodes the products with a single MarkDecoder.decode(...) call to display a list of products:

Finally, when the user taps one of the products they are sent to the product detail page on Amazon:

Clone the repo and give the app a try!


MIT License, Marin Todorov (2022)

@icanzilb on Twitter


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