Flix is an app that allows users to browse movies from the The Movie Database API.

📝 NOTE - PASTE PART 2 SNIPPET HERE: Paste the README template for part 2 of this assignment here at the top. This will show a history of your development process, which users stories you completed and how your app looked and functioned at each step.

Flix Part 1

User Stories

TODO:// In the User Stories section below, add an x in the -[ ] like this - [x] for any user story you complete. (🚫 Remove this paragraph after checking off completed user stories)

REQUIRED (10pts)

  • (2pts) User sees an app icon on the home screen and a styled launch screen.
  • (5pts) User can view and scroll through a list of movies now playing in theaters.
  • (3pts) User can view the movie poster image for each movie.


  • (2pt) User can view the app on various device sizes and orientations.
  • (1pt) Run your app on a real device.

App Walkthrough GIF


  • Unfortunately my Wi-Fi speeds are preventing me from downloading the xcode tools in a timely manner (currently at 8+ hours) which blocked me from setting up CocoaPods and completing the third task which is displaying the poster image.