Use the iTunes Api to receive tracks (songs) and albums to display in a list and grid layout

Example request to receive 200 tracks by Jack Johnson


Student can replace the term with their favorite artist like this


current state



  • MVC (Model View Controller)

Potholes to beware (for tech writers)

  1. If the json a student uses does not have a collectionId for every object in results, the parse will fail. This happens if a request uses a limit higher than the number of songs a artist has.

Strech goals for students

  • Album detail view when tapping a album cell. Currently, there is no action when tapping a cell since there is only a track detail view.
    • checkout this commit for first steps to do this.
    • will need to create a second navigation controller
    • will need to reconfigure network call in SceneDelegate file
  • Find creative ways to use the information from the json response such as using the iTunes links


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