PASCAN Application

An app that scans boarding passes for people with blindness

How did the story begin:

The story begin by an inclusive challenge that concerns with accessibility features that cares about human right and localization to adapt to fit the culture. After meeting each other, we discussed and believe that accessibility and localization are something to conceder therefore we creatated PASCAN application that met our goal.

The application designed and builded by using xCode and import VisionKit library that will help to scan the boarding pass and print it and then it is read by VoiceOver.

The journy of PASCAN:

We started by putting ourselives in people with dissabilities specaily blindess and low vision position and we figured that it is a challenge it self, the most simple task is a struggl for them. For that reason, PASCAN app is an inclusive soultion that help a blind perosn to read their boarding pass. We followed specific criteria that reached our goal:

  • Lo-Fi Prototype
  • WhatsApp Image 2023-01-12 at 11 24 35 PM

  • Hi-Fi Prototype
  • Screenshot 1444-06-19 at 11 25 55 PM

  • Coding
  • Video for our application

  • The application in Arbaic Language


  • The application in English Language


  • Challenge Summary


    Our future features plan:

  • To print out and read the Date/ other important details.
  • To save information
  • Developers

  • Shatha Alshammari
  • Lamyaa Alharbi
  • GitHub

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