Interesting Numbers App

This application provides interesting facts about numbers, utilizing the InterestingNumbersLibrary for data fetching.


  • Display facts about the number entered by the user.
  • Display facts about a random number.
  • Display facts about a number in a range entered by the user.
  • Display facts about multiple user-entered numbers.


  • iOS 13 or later
  • Swift 5

Technologies Used

  • UIKit for UI
  • Auto Layout for layout
  • MVC for architecture
  • Figma for design
  • Numbers API for data
  • Swift Package Manager for dependency management


Getting Started

First, clone the repository and open the .xcodeproj or .xcworkspace file in Xcode.

Implementing the Library

The InterestingNumbersLibrary is utilized in the FactsViewController. It is initialized as:

var numbersManager = NumbersManager()

In the viewDidLoad method, the ViewController is set as the delegate of the numbersManager:

numbersManager.delegate = self

The numbersManager fetches facts according to the user’s input:

numbersManager.fetchFacts(numbers: userInput)

The results are then processed and displayed in the collectionView.


Contributions are welcome! Please read the contribution guidelines first.


This project is available under the MIT license.


The library being used for data fetching, InterestingNumbersLibrary, is open-source and hosted on GitHub here. It fetches data from the Numbers API, which may have rate limits. Please consult the Numbers API documentation for more details.

For the complete design of the app, refer to this Figma link.


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