An application focused on Studio Ghibli movies. It has never been so easy to watch all Studio Ghibli films


??‍? Technologies

  • SPM – swift package manager
  • UIKit
  • ViewCode, auto layout
  • MVVM
  • swiftlint
  • Unit tests (Coverage: 51,7%)
  • Local persistence

? Requirements to install code

Before starting, check the following requirements:

  • MacOS
  • Xcode installed
  • Git installed

? Installing app code on macbook

if you have ssh configured, run the command

git clone [email protected]:yago-marques/Tegami.git

if you don’t have ssh configured, run the command

git clone https://github.com/yago-marques/Tegami.git

After installing, open the installed folder with XCode and run command + R

? Installing app on iphone

it’s available on testflight, click here to install

? Contributing

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create a new branch: git checkout -b <branch_name>.
  3. Make changes and commit: git commit -m '<commit_message>'
  4. Send to base branch: git push origin Tegami / <local>
  5. Create a pull request.

see the GitHub documentation on how to create a pull request

? By

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