Pre-work – Tipculator

Tipculator is a tip calculator application for iOS.

Submitted by: Jordan Sukhnandan

Time spent: Prework-> 3 hours Additional features-> Many hours

User Stories

The following required functionality is complete:

  • User can enter a bill amount, choose a tip percentage, and see the tip and total values.
  • User can select between tip percentages by tapping different values on the segmented control and the tip value is updated accordingly

The following optional features are implemented:

  • UI animations
  • Remembering the bill amount across app restarts (if <10mins)
  • Using locale-specific currency and currency thousands separators.
  • Making sure the keyboard is always visible and the bill amount is always the first responder. This way the user doesn’t have to tap anywhere to use this app. Just launch the app and start typing.

The following additional features are implemented:

  • Remembering the settings options across app restarts until the user decides to reset them
  • Settings button that navigates to a page where the user can customize some of the ui and tip percentages
  • Reset button to set the customized settings to their default values
  • App icon and other ui features
  • An enter button on the number pad

Video Walkthrough

Here’s a walkthrough of implemented user stories:

Video Walkthrough


I had came across several difficulties implementing the additional features since it was my first time developing software written in Swift. I had a few ui implementation issues regarding cg floats, colors, the status bar, and the keyboard. Furthermore, I had some issues when trying to implement the settings page and having the changes save across app restarts/switching pages.


Copyright [2021] [Jordan Sukhnandan]

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