Build your own Blockchain in Swift!

Have you heard about Bitcoin or Ethereum? Or do you even own such cryptocurrencies? They all use an exciting technology called 'Blockchain' that allows creating consensus on a decentralized network. In this playground you will create your own blockchain within three minutes and learn what makes this technology so special!


How to install (iPad only)

  1. Download the Swift Playgrounds App from the App Store.

  2. Klick this link on your iPad to import my playground into the Playgrounds app.

  3. Subscribe to "Frederik Riedel".
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  4. Download the Playground from my Subscription Section.
    Download Screenshot


I tried to create a smooth experience for my playground. If there's something unclear please feel free to file an issue in this repository!
To execute your code press the big orange button on the bottom right – results will be shown inline next to the code. Tap on those to reveal a bigger visualization.


I submitted this playground to this year's Apple WWDC scholarship application and got rewarded with a WWDC scholarship ticket. Some people might have interest to use my playground to teach others about distributed ledger technologies, that's why I open sourced this project.
If you find any bugs, mistakes or areas to improve this project, please let me know by filing an issue here (or PR).