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An elegant search controller which replaces the UISearchController for iOS

An elegant search controller which replaces the UISearchController for iOS


An elegant search controller which replaces the UISearchController for iOS (iPhone & iPad) .


  • [x] Support a variety of hot search style
  • [x] Support a variety of search history style
  • [x] Support a variety of search results display mode
  • [x] Support a variety of search view controller display mode
  • [x] Support search suggestions
  • [x] Support search history (record) cache
  • [x] Support callback using delegate or block completion search
  • [x] Support CocoaPods
  • [x] Support localization
  • [x] Support vertical and horizontal screen on iPhone and iPad


  • iOS 7.0 or later
  • Xcode 7.0 or later



  • PYSearch
  • PYSearchConst
  • PYSearchViewController
  • PYSearchSuggestionViewController


  • UIColor+PYSearchExtension
  • UIView+PYSearchExtension
  • NSBundle+PYSearchExtension

Hot search style

Search history style

How to use

  • Use CocoaPods:
    • pod "PYSearch"
    • Import the main file:#import <PYSearch.h>
  • Manual import:
    • Drag All files in the PYSearch folder to project
    • Import the main file:#import "PYSearch.h"

Details (See the example program PYSearchExample for details)

    // 1. Create hotSearches array
    NSArray *hotSeaches = @[@"Java", @"Python", @"Objective-C", @"Swift", @"C", @"C++", @"PHP", @"C#", @"Perl", @"Go", @"JavaScript", @"R", @"Ruby", @"MATLAB"];
    // 2. Create searchViewController
    PYSearchViewController *searchViewController = [PYSearchViewController searchViewControllerWithHotSearches:hotSeaches searchBarPlaceholder:@"Search programming language" didSearchBlock:^(PYSearchViewController *searchViewController, UISearchBar *searchBar, NSString *searchText) {
        // Call this Block when completion search automatically
        // Such as: Push to a view controller
        [searchViewController.navigationController pushViewController:[[UIViewController alloc] init] animated:YES];
    // 3. present the searchViewController
    UINavigationController *nav = [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:searchViewController];
    [self presentViewController:nav  animated:NO completion:nil];


  • Custom search suggestions display
// 1. Set dataSource
searchViewController.dataSource = self;
// 2. Implement dataSource method
  • Custom search result dispaly
// 1. Set searchResultShowMode
searchViewController.searchResultShowMode = PYSearchResultShowModeEmbed;
// 2. Set searchResultController 
searchViewController.searchResultController = [[UIViewController alloc] init];
  • Set hotSearchStyle(default is PYHotSearchStyleNormalTag)
// Set hotSearchStyle
searchViewController.hotSearchStyle = PYHotSearchStyleColorfulTag;
  • Set searchHistoryStyle(default is PYSearchHistoryStyleCell)
// Set searchHistoryStyle
searchViewController.searchHistoryStyle = PYSearchHistoryStyleBorderTag;
  • Set searchHistoriesCachePath(default is PYSEARCH_SEARCH_HISTORY_CACHE_PATH)
// Set searchHistoriesCachePath
searchViewController.searchHistoriesCachePath = @"The cache path";
  • Set searchHistoriesCount(default is 20)
// Set searchHistoriesCount
searchViewController. searchHistoriesCount = 6;
  • Set searchResultShowMode(default is PYSearchResultShowModeCustom)
// Set searchResultShowMode
searchViewController.searchResultShowMode = PYSearchResultShowModeEmbed;
  • Set searchSuggestionHidden(deafult is NO)
// Set searchSuggestionHidden
searchViewController.searchSuggestionHidden = YES;