USearch + SwiftUI: Dynamic Vector Search on iOS Maps


This demo project illustrates how to build a dynamic, real-time search system on iOS using the USearch vector-search library. In this example, we use 2-dimensional vectors—encoded as latitude and longitude—to find the closest Points of Interest (POIs) on a map. The search is based on the Haversine distance metric.

USearch + SwiftUI Demo

While this demo focuses on 2D vectors for geospatial search, the USearch library is primarily designed for higher-dimensional vectors. Combined with UForm AI models, it can power on-device, multi-lingual, and multi-modal Semantic Search applications.

USearch + Images


git clone
cd SwiftVectorSearch
open SwiftVectorSearch.xcodeproj


  • iOS 14.0 or later
  • Xcode 12 or later
  • Swift 5.3 or later

Feel free to adapt this template to suit the specifics of your project better!


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