An implementation of a Super Mario Bros-like game in augmented reality with ARKit and SceneKit.

Language: swift
License: Apache v2


This project is a homage to Super Mario Bros. It does not, however, contain ANY original Nintendo content, nor is it an exact implementation of Super Mario Bros.

The goal is to get a somewhat working Super Mario-like DEMO implemented with ARKit and SceneKit.

Why was this made? For fun :)

In this project I have experimented a bit with displacement maps (a new iOS 11 BETA feature of SceneKit).

This obviously requires, Xcode 9 (BETA), iOS 11 (BETA) and a relatively recent iOS device.


The code was written by your truly, however some of the textures and the sound effects were created by other people.

Textures: Bjarne Lundgren, deviantart bhaskar655, deviantart jojo_ojoj, Mads Vester and probably some others as well (all assumed to be legally useable in this opensource project)

Sound effects are all from, by the following users: vortencho12, runningmind, thedweebman, greenhourglass, taira-komori and lulyc.

Font used: Emulogic by Freaky Fonts

Thanks to Sam at @ARKitweekly for feedback & creative input